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For 2012 we had the Chrisman Brothers Coupe and many other historically significant hot rods show up to the event. Next year we hope you will urge other hot rods and customs to come out and be a part of Iron Invasion! Without the history and traditions....it is just another show.

The current owners of the Chrisman Brothers Coupe have agreed to show this historic cover car at the Iron Invasion.

This will be a rare oppurtunity to see one of the most famous Salt Flat racing cars ever.

This is being shown with agreement from the Dana and Patti Mecum Collection.

We are truly humbled at the generosity of the Mecum family to let us see this historic piece up close.

For those that don't know the significance of the vehicle:

The Chrisman Brothers were hot rod pioneers.

They got their initial fame from setting records on the drag strip. They were the first to hit 140 and 180 in the quarter mile.

Then they turned their eyes toward the salt flats.... They hit 140 MPH in a '34 Ford Coupe.

This was only the beginning. It was the 1930 radically chopped and heavily modified coupe that would put their stamp on hot rod royalty status.

The aggressive stance of the coupe, as well as the functional aspects of the modifications, made the Chrisman Brothers Coupe a model that is emulated to this day.

The Coupe set records at Bonneville and was a cover car on the Feb. 1954 issue of Hot Rod magazine.

After turning their eye back toward drag racing they sold the car to Barris who made this a prominent TV car with appearances on Dobie Gillis. These TV appearances were seen by millions of future hot rodders and, like many other TV cars, became an icon in the minds of gearheads from coast to coast.

Later in the Coupe's life, the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance invited the coupe to be shown.

The cultural impact this car has had on the hot rod community can not be understated.

Born at a turning point in the formative years of California’s hotrodding culture; a multiple class record holder and Hot Rod magazine feature car; one of the first “TV cars” and an inaugural Pebble Beach class winner, and in retrospect the very car that established the parameters for an entire automotive design genre, the Chrisman Brothers Coupe is one of the most important automotive icons in 20th century American popular culture.

We are honored to be able to have this car be among the historic motorcycles and cars that will be at the Iron Invasion.


Woodstock IL

McHenry Couty Fairgrounds

If YOU have anything buried in your garage - or your neighbor has an old show car or historic motorcycle that hasn't seen the light of day since 1971 - please contact us!

This is exactly what we want to see at the Iron Invasion.