Registration and Tickets

Admission is $10 for advance ticket holders. Must purchase before 9-26-18

$15 day of show.

Entry Includes admission to all buildings, bands, & mini bike racing.

See everyone at the show!


We do have Segregated Parking


Please review the entry requirements below. All registered vehicles will be inspected day of show to determine if they qualify.

Iron Invasion is a Traditional Hot Rod and Custom Show.

This means no Billet

No Digital Gauges

Cars from 1948-1964 should have 2 visual modifications.

ALL Cars that are PRE '48 are welcome! STOCK is OK!

If your car has aftermarket accessories that are AFTER 1965

then you may find yourself in the Friends parking.

We love all kinds of cars - and this is why all are welcome!

Only cars that are from 1964 or older get into the Show Area.

All other cars will be in the Friends area - so those that have

nice Street Rods, muscle cars, new Camaros/Mustangs etc.

Please note that you will have your OWN parking area.

This will NOT be by spectator parking.

Please be courteous to all inspectors.

They are doing their best to maintain the integrity of the show.

If we let every car in to the show - it becomes just another show....

And this is not what the Iron Invasion is all about.

Motorcycles are welcome at Iron Invasion.

Motorcycles will be Pre-75 Choppers, Bobbers, & Customs.

Foreign rides are welcome - but need to fit the criteria.

Entry Criteria

Iron Invasion has worked to remove the subjectivity from the show criteria. This

means that we tried to clearly quantify the entry rules and write them specific enough

for anyone to determine if their vehicle would be allowed in.

If your vehicle does not meet entry requirements, there will be a separate area where the muscle

cars, street rods, stock originals 1949 and newer, and other non-qualifying vehicles will park. This

parking area is directly connected to the show and these vehicles will be seen by


If you are unsure if your vehicle will meet the requirements of the show, email clear pictures of the

front & drivers side, rear & passenger side, and interior showing the dash and steering wheel to Please note that if you wait until the week of the show to email us - that is

TOO late. Email notification will need to be complete by Sept 30.

We are not being elitist or think that your vehicle isn't cool - we just want to focus on rides that

would be driving around in the 40's, 50's and 60's. If you have never picked up a copy of Rod &

Custom or Hop Up circa 1956 - do yourself a favor and go get some!

These are the guidelines we will be adhering to.

The Criteria

To get into the show, your vehicle must be a 1964 or earlier "Hot Rod" or "Custom" built in a

"Traditional Style".

All stock appearing/restored vehicles pre 1949 are welcome at Iron Invasion!

Any vehicles from 1949-1964 that appear stock will park in the Friends section.

A couple of modifications to an otherwise stock vehicle will most likely get ya in the

door. Here are the rules:


are NOT doing Safety Inspections at Iron Invasion. The entry to the show does not mean

that we have deemed your vehicle safe to drive on the roads or dirt . Driver assumes all

normal, reasonable, and prudent responsibilities for maintaining the safety of their vehicle. Drive

shafts visible from inside the vehicle, suspensions improperly mounted, fuel that is not inside a

proper gas tank or some other fuel cell will be asked to park outside McHenry County

Fairgrounds - we do not need the police involved in citations for driving unsafe vehicles.

2. No art cars - what is an art car? As one buddy suggested - you know you have an art car when

it looks like you had a giant magnet attached to your vehicle as you drove through the local

junkyard and permanently welded anything that stuck to the car.

OTHER definitions of art car - Vehicles that look like a skeleton, pumpkin, or any other non auto

related items are art cars. These are not traditional hot rods.

Further definition of art car - Rats that are attached to vehicles are considered art cars. Anything

that is attached to the vehicle that is intended to shock or have comedic value will wind up being

considered an art car.

Vehicles in rust, primer, or survivor paint are WELCOME as long as they do not fall into the "art car"

category as described above.

3. No billet anything (if you have some part on your engine that is billet - DONT open your hood!)

If you have a billet steering wheel or column - put a shirt or coat over it!

4. All fenderless 1949-1965 vehicles will be in Friends parking.

5. No neon, 80’s style monochromatic paint or mural graphics.

6. No independent front suspension on fenderless vehicles.

7. No Tune Port Injection or Electronic Fuel Injection (with open hoods).

8. No trailered street legal vehicles. We welcome period correct race, sprint, modified, midget, drag

cars. Obviously these will be trailered in to the show, but the trailers will be parked off site after the

car is unloaded. We simply will NOT have room to park trailers in the spectator parking.

If you plan on unloading your vehicle on Saturday - you MUST unload at the Harley Davidson dealership. All vehicles are to be driven into the show.

9. No stock or stock appearing vehicles 1949 and newer. All Iron Invasion show vehicles need to

have at least two major visual modifications. This includes - but not limited to: lowered, have a

wheel change, have a custom paint job, have body modifications, or something that makes them a

hot rod or a custom. Missing hubcaps and hanging dice are not considered modifications. Again - if

you are unsure - send a picture via email.

10. LOW PROFILE TIRES/RAISED WHITE LETTERS may get you in the Friends parking.

This is not a 70's show. Also if you have 50 series or lower profile tires this will be a vehicle that will

be in Friends parking.

11. Wheels should be period correct to the hot rod or custom vehicle they are on and be on the

“Acceptable Wheel” list. Aftermarket wheels that are on the acceptable list should be no larger than

15” in diameter.

Wheels larger than 15" need to be original stock or reproductions of stock wheels. For example, 16"

Ford Wires, 16" Ford steelies, tall thin Model A wheels (17" 19", etc.). It is also acceptable if you are

running enlarged reproduction versions of a stock wheel such as 17" steelies, 18" ford wires, etc.

Again, aftermarket wheels such as the original style Torque Thrusts, Torque Thrust II's, or Torque

Thrust D's should be no larger than 15".

Examples of wheels that are acceptable HEREExamples of wheels that are for VIP Parking HEREVehicles with wheels that were introduced after 1965 will be in the VIP parking area. We WILL allow

GM Rally wheels that do not have center caps or beauty rings! Again - if you have questions -

email us.

12. Modern upgrades that you can SEE, like aero-dynamic/modern mirrors are for Friends

parking. Digital dash boards will need to be covered to be allowed entry to Iron Invasion.

13. LED taillights that have the traditional/stock appearance are acceptable. LED lights that are thin

single, multi row, or billet frames will be parked in Freinds area.

14. Vehicles that have more than 4 wheels will be parked in Friends area. If you have a

stock vehicle that is Pre-'49 then these will be accepted.


1)Just because you got into Iron Invasion or other traditional hot rod shows in previous

years -does NOT mean you will get in Iron Invasion - the criteria will be enforced this year.

2)We hope that custom car owners realize the coolness factor of your car goes down by 90% with

your hood and trunk open....and it is very rare that cars with open hoods ever get national photo

coverage. (We will have national photographers on site doing articles for Hot Rod Deluxe, Ol Skool

Rodz, Car Kulture Deluxe, Traditional Rod and Kulture, Rolls and Pleats, and more)

3)Stuffed animals, cry baby dolls, rubber rats, fake food drive in trays, skeletons in passenger

seats are not for Iron Invasion.

4)No display setup/tables set up around your car. Your car quality will speak for itself...if you need

to tell people who did the work on your car - feel free to stand there all day - but honestly, there is

way too much going on to just sit there - go out and enjoy the show! Torque Fest does not

encourage display boards....but if you have a display board for your car - please respect your

neighbors and be sure that if they fall - the display boards will not hit the car next to you! Display

boards for invited indoor cars are welcome.

5)Disc brakes, electronic ignition, and radial tires are OK.

All pre-1965 STOCK motorcycles are welcome.

1. No art bikes

2. No stock bikes

3. No twin cam Harleys

4. No new Indians, Buell, Big Dog, or West Coast Chopper/OCC style bikes

5. No aluminum wheels

6. No wide rear tires

7. EVO bikes are OK - just need to be TRADITIONAL STYLE!