The Schedule

Day 1

October 8


Set Up for Feature Vehicles, Vendors, & Swap Meet


12:00 pm

Open to Public (Please Note that vendors & feature cars/bikes will be setting up throughout the day and some may not be on site until 5pm)

5:00 pm

DJ Fish from Swing Boogie Stomp

Live on Stage 1

8:00 pm

Wild Earp

Live on Stage 1

8:30 pm

Flame Throwing Car Exhibition

Day 2

October 9

9:00 am

Open to Public

10:30 am

Classic Pin Up Contest

Hosted by Peek-A-Boo Pinups

11:00 am

Mini Bike Races

Hosted by Mini Bike Weirdo

11:45 am

Dirt Drag Races Staging & Drivers Meeting

Entry to Dirt Track Back of Track (By Camping/Swap Meet)

12:00 pm

Deke Dickerson

Live on Stage 1!

12:30 pm

Dirt Drag Racing - Open Class

Live on Dirt Track!

1:00 pm

Wild Earp

Live on Stage 2!

1:00 pm

Dirt Drag Racing - Vintage Class (1964 & Older)

Live on Dirt Track!

1:15 pm

Original Art Auction

Live on Stage 1

1:30 pm

Dirt Drag Racing - Grudge Matches

Live on Dirt Track!

2:15 pm

The Delta Bombers

Live on Stage 1!

2:30 pm

High Priest

Live on Stage 2!

2:30 pm

Mini Bike Parade

15 Minute Parade Around the Entire Fairgrounds

3:45 pm

Unknown Crowe

Live On Stage 2!

415 pm


Live on Stage 1!

5:30 pm

Car Club Awards/Dwyer & Michaels Calendar Cover Car Pick Stage 1

6:30 pm

Hillbilly Casino Closes out the show on Stage 1!

October 10 - Free Backroads Country Cruise

Staging at Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds: 9:00 am

Depart 10:00 am Full Details on Facebook: Quad Cruise - Oct 10 (Iron Invasion Hangover Cruise)